Class: Infographic Design
Length: 7 weeks of research and 3 weeks of design and iteration
Role: Data research, visual design of the first poster, color theme creation
Teammate: Nick Allred

The Carbon Emission of New York State and New York City

New York City has one of the lowest per capita greenhouse gas emissions levels among major global cities. As one-third of the U.S. average, New York City becomes a leader in the emission game. This infographics poster shows what really is going on in New York State and New York City by many influential aspects.

In terms of carbon reduction, New York State, amongst other few states making positive progress, has reduced 40 Million Metric Tons from 1990 to 2013. With 19% percent reduction, New York State is ranked as second in 50 states.

As far as New York City, compact & efficient lifestyle, high electricity price, leading energy technology and strict building energy usage regulations, are all the factors changing the city.





The Carbon Emissions of The United States

Nick and I has very similar focus and our topics goes together naturally. So we decided to collaborate and create consistent visual during the end of the process.