Home in LA,  School in SF | This is the future I dream


“I am Late!!”
A 20-year-old looking young boy flies pass me with his backpack jumping on his back, into a new station just built right by the corner of his house in LA.
Today is his first day of winter quarter at San Francisco Art Institute. 

He quickly runs into a hyperloop pod and finds a seat to sit down. While he still catches his breath, he glances at the time displayed on the window and mutters to himself "Man, hope this thing goes fast". 
And like what he wished, in 30 minutes later, he arrives at downtown, SF.

Welcome to UW Hyperloop

We, a group of design students, joined UW Hyperloop team who is participating Elon Musk's Hyperloop challenge 2017, to help their audience imagine the interior experience of this supersonic bullet train.


Two population connected | Design a space for Communities


Community thrives more easily in organic settings. We all hate talking to friend across a stranger or behind our seats. What is a way to not isolating people or forcing interaction to achieve a better communal experience? Our design is inspired the Herman Miller Caper Stacking chairs we are sitting in our studios. We feels more comfortable when we are given the ability to control when and how to engage with others. Same goes with passengers. 


Ease the claustrophobia | Virtual Reality Windows  


Because hyperloop requires a closed pod with unified material and it travels at a speed faster than sound. Having real windows on the side could be technically challenging or creating unwanted visual discomfort. Our design includes interactive “windows” that simulates sights passing by at a comfortable speed. 


Off Mode

For people who is riding Hyperloop purely as a means of transportation, we include an option of completely shutting off displays to procure privacy and minimize ambient light. 

Interactive Mode

For people who needs quick glance of important information like the time or weather at destination, we lays a screen over the virtual window to give them access whenever they want. 


Some sleep, Some work, Some play | Personalized infotainment system fits different needs


On a 30 minutes trip, commute can be as productive or relaxing as people want it to be. Onboard virtual 3D screen that connect with people’s personal devices, offer different levels of productivity.



Don't put the designer hat on too quickly. Observe like a little kid first
| what I learn from collaborating across disciplines


After one year of separation of 60 people into three design disciplines (VCD, IxD, ID), this is the first time we came back together as five people with different skillsets and ways of approaching design. Out of many changes found, I was fascinated the most by my industrial design fellows' curiosity of simple, yet crucial questions I have never thought about. They always observe first like if they are about to draw something out of it. As an interaction designer, I was trained that I am problem solver. But actually, I need to be an audience first.



Project length: 3 months

Me(first left): Personal Station interaction design and community friendly concept development
Shu(third right): Sitting experience design, chair modeling and rendering
Veronica(first left): Interior design, modeling and rendering
Dillon(second right): Personal Station concept development, and rendering
Shawn(second left): Window interaction design and final poster design