In summer 2016, I worked POSSIBLE Seattle, a digital consultancy for 2 months. As a user experience intern, I worked on several projects for two main clients, Pella and AT&T.  My job mostly was designing and wireframing structures to new websites or websites that needed update. 


 Here, we find the answers together

One of most unforgettable lesson is realizing that a company are just a name given to a group of people who are figuring out something nobody has the answer yet. There was one week when my mentor went offsite. I had to take his job to communicate with team and client. It was indeed intimating at first, but when every time I walked into the meeting rooms to present my design and found curiosity instead of judgement in people’s eyes, a piece of self-belief just grow inside of me. Confidence is not a reward after a good work. But the only strength to keep working and revealing what’s the next.